Dr. Beat Richner was practicing medicine at Kantha Bopha Hospital in Phnom Penh when the Khmer Rouge besieged Cambodia in 1975. He was forced to flee to his native Switzerland, where he gained a reputation not as a doctor but as a cellist, performing under the stage name “Beatocello.” When Richner returned to Cambodia in 1991, he found the hospital destroyed and the staff gone, many probably executed by the Khmer Rouge. So he took up his cello again, performing around the world to raise money for the hospital’s resurrection. Thanks largely to his efforts, Kantha Bopha has since reopened and is considered the best facility in Cambodia. Richner will lecture on the history of Kantha Bopha Hospital and perform two “Cambodia Stories” at 8 p.m. at the Swiss Embassy, 2900 Cathedral Ave. NW. $15 (benefits Kantha Bopha Hospital). For reservations call (202) 745-7900. (Clara Jeffery)