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John Banzhaf should need no introduction to readers of this space. For those who’ve forgotten, he’s the hyperfaxive, ultralitigious, tenured GWU law professor whose unending “public interest” crusades have been frequently reported—and occasionally ridiculed—here. Back in March, we noted the unstinting deluge of Banzhaf faxes touting his campaigns against “ladies’ nights” and other forms of oppression. A skirmish broke out in The Mail between Banzhaf supporters and detractors. We ran a few more items, then fired our last salvo in April, rearranging the letters in “Professor Banzhaf” to spell “offers porn/’za bash.” It seemed funny then, but boy, are we sorry now. According to a Banzhaf press release, faxed on Monday to every news outlet in town except City Paper, Banzhaf has filed a complaint with the D.C. Department of Human Rights charging this paper with “discrimination against men”—in the form of ads for ladies’ nights at local bars. (You make the call!) Reached by phone, the normally voluble Banzhaf said, “I’m not making any statement.” However, in his fax, Banzhaf yelps that “it is both shocking and surprising that the City Paper, known for its liberal outlook which vigorously opposes sex discrimination, would itself deliberately engage in the practice for profit.” The Banzhaf-gram further warns that the paper could be liable for damages “as well as attorneys fees [sic].” “We may draw a line in the sand and say, “Fuck you,’ ” says City Paper Publisher Thomas Yoder, who says he hasn’t seen the complaint. “I regard it as just a frivolous nuisance. He doesn’t have anything better to do with his students’ time.”