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The District has its problems, but at least it didn’t make Spy‘s annual list of “100 Worst People, Places, and Things.” A certain once-rebellious neighbor of ours did, however. The great state of Virginia placed 95th among Spy‘s 100, just behind Upper West Side madman Larry Hogue but ahead of the other 49 states. Its offenses, according to the magazine, include “Ollie North as senatorial candidate; courts take away lesbian’s son and give him to grandmother whose boyfriend allegedly molested boy’s mother as teenager; psychotic feminist heroine lops off drunk husband’s penis; reigning gun capital of the world; home of polo-playing Sam Shepard; headquarters of fundamentalist frothers Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and famous white-trash, born-again theme park, Holy Land USA.” Hmmmm. How about extending those Case Bridge repairs indefinitely?