FIRST OF ALL, LET ME say that I am an avid reader of Washington City Paper, primarily because of its newsstand price.

It never surprises me when “objective” journalists make feeble attempts to write stories about subjects in which they have no supposed vested interest (“Static Disrupters,” 11/19).

From the beginning diarist writings of Christopher Columbus up to the present, history chronicles the interaction of Europeans and the indigenous peoples of both east and west. It would appear that the reaction of the indigenous peoples of color to the Europeans was first one of surprise that then subsumed into the extending of the helping hand. Native peoples helped Europeans survive by showing them how to negotiate life from an altogether unwilling environment. That human attitude has all too often been repaid with slaughter and rapacious plunder.

By now we know the drill. Yes, WPFW is the people’s station. It is the mouthpiece for a community gagged and held hostage by a criminal ruling class who continue to sell them short and hang them—even out to dry.

Our native brothers and sisters put it best: “White man speak with forked tongue.” David Plotz, however, does his fellows one better. He has a forked mind to match.

WPFW Volunteer Producer, Woodbridge