I WOULD LIKE TO POINT out an error which appeared in the Nov. 26 issue of Washington City Paper.

The caption of the front page erroneously indicates that “Capt. Tommy Curtis has charted a steady course for the Bethesda Yacht Club,” and on Page 3, the error is repeated in the caption: “[A]t the Bethesda Yacht Club, [Curtis] still caters to his generation’s lonely hearts.”

City Paper has confused Curtis’ “Yacht Club of Bethesda” with the original “Bethesda Yacht Club,” organized some years prior to Curtis’ club.

I would appreciate it if you would advise your readers that the Bethesda Yacht Club, organized in February 1986, is a social, nonprofit organization that raises funds for Children’s Hospital, over $33,000 thus far, and is in no way associated with any restaurant or bar. You may also wish to advise your readers that the Bethesda Yacht Club news can be heard every Friday morning on WMAL, as it has been for the last seven years, just after the 6:30 a.m. news.

Commodore, Bethesda Yacht Club, Bethesda, Md.