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Last Tuesday night, during yet another beg-a-thon, WETA-TV (Channel 26) fund-raiser Paul Anthony went beyond the call of duty. A Glover Park man phoned the public television station and offered to buy Anthony’s tie—for $1,500. Station officials smelled a ruse, but the caller confidently deflected their questions and offered to pay by credit card the moment Anthony doffed the tie, live and on camera. “It’s not our kind of thing to start disrobing,” Anthony says, “but he was very well spoken. He seemed to be legit.” You can guess the ending: Anthony stepped before the cameras, announced that the station would receive a “substantial pledge” if he removed his tie, and then reached for his Windsor knot. “The instant I took off the tie, he terminated the call,” Anthony says. The man’s name and address later proved bogus. Noting that the practical joker spent more than 40 minutes persuading station officials to bite, Anthony asks, “You know how the young kids say, “Get a life?’ Who has time for this?”