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LIKE JERRY R. GOTTLICK (The Mail, 11/26), I very much enjoyed “The Secret Life of Jeb Alexander” (11/5). Like Gottlick, too, I am pleased that Washington City Paper has been running so many interesting and worthwhile gay-related feature stories this year.

I’m at a loss to understand, though, why Gottlick chose to praise City Paper by bashing the Washington Blade. The District’s gay weekly, he contends, “seems to concentrate on instructing us on political correctness and often turns a blind eye to objective reporting.”

Could Gottlick and I possibly be reading the same Blade every Friday? Far from stewing in advocacy journalism, the Blade I read hews to the “objective” standards of mainstream American journalism with remarkable rigor for an “alternative” publication. Indeed, Blade Publisher Don Michaels’ general refusal to “take sides” has frequently exposed the paper to fierce attack by some of the more fervent and self-righteous members of our community.

For that reason, especially considering the small staff that puts it out every week, I consider the Blade among the very best gay weeklies in the nation today—at least as far as dishing the news goes. Features are another story. The Blade could benefit by running more pieces of the “Jeb Alexander” sort. But for now at least, City Paper is filling that gap nicely.

Adams Morgan