Let’s not be coy about this: Lorelei’s Asleep EP sounds like My Bloody Valentine. The contrast between dreamy and screamy on “The Sky Is Falling,” the electric-sander groove that leads to “Caterwaul,” the air-raid-siren riff of “Stale Houses,” even the languid harmonies of the pretty “Mostly I Sleep”—all thoroughly Bloodied. If the members of this local trio are followers rather than leaders, however, they’re hardly the least promising musicians to accept Isn’t Anything as their personal savior. The four expansive songs on Asleep—annoyingly, also available is a two-song 7-inch single that includes one song not on the EP—are all solid; the band doesn’t use noise as a distraction from underdeveloped songcraft, nor does guitarist Matthew Dingee use it to disguise limited skills. As the disc’s stretched-out, occasionally Feelieslike rave-ups indicate, this band has the chops to do what it wants; future releases will likely discover a sound worthy of the trio’s already considerable craftiness. Asleep is available at local stores, or from Slumberland, P.O. Box 14731, Berkeley, CA 94701.