It’s been awhile since one of those of “Working Holidays” singles has arrived in our mail slot, but apparently Simple Machines is about to conclude the project, more or less on schedule. To cap the yearlong, 12-platter, 24-act project, the label is planning a Jan. 7 to 9 “Working Holiday Three-Day Weekend,” encouraging indie-pop fans from around the world to come to Washington (and, curiously, to stay at the Quality Inn Iwo Jima) for three nights of mostly indie-label music-making. Friday’s a “coctail party” with the Coctails, the Tinklers, and Duplex Planet‘s David Greenberger (“cocktail attire” required); Saturday features Superchunk, Jawbox (advance cassettes of whose Atlantic debut have just begun to circulate), Pitchblende, Swirlies, Crain, Eggs, and Franklin Bruno; Sunday’s lineup is Scrawl, Grifters, Tsunami, Versus, Small Factory, Johnny Cohen & the Love Machine, Crackerbash, and Caterpillar.

Sales of the $25 three-day pass were supposedly cut off on Dec. 1, but you could write Simple Machines (P.O. Box 10290, Arlington, VA 22210-1290) and plead for special dispensation. (Try telling them you bought new cocktail-party togs just for schmoozing with Greenberger.)