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First, the mayor wanted the National Guard to patrol city streets. Now, the D.C. Council wants civilians to do the job. The Police Reserve Corps is a unit of volunteers that normally processes paperwork around police headquarters, freeing officers to hit the streets. Since reservists are already trained in basic firearms use, Councilmember Jim Nathanson (D-Ward 3) thinks they should be able to use that training. Hence the public hearings, scheduled for Dec. 22, to discuss issuing police sidearms to the corps. The proposal looks like a no-brainer to some in the District Building: Councilmember Harold Brazil (D- Ward 6) has indicated his support, according to aide Sally Weinbrom. “Anything we can do to use the resources we currently have and enhance their effectiveness, Mr. Brazil will support it,” Weinbrom says. As for the question of how to distinguish gun-toting reservists from the rest of the gun-toting population, Weinbrom notes that the volunteers “have a little sweater with a badge. They’re not running around in their street clothes or anything.”