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I AM WRITING TO INFORM Washington City Paper‘s readers that I was successful in avoiding the recall against me in Single- Member ANC (Advisory Neighborhood Commission) District2E-03 by a vote of 97 in favor of the recall and 138 against it. I want to thank the voters of the area for the faith they have shown in my service. I will try to be true to this show of support.

This was an exceedingly time-consuming, unnecessary, and costly exercise. The law should be changed which allows for a recall in the midst of a two-year term for no specific cause upon getting the signatures of 10 percent of the registered voters in a single-member district. It was easy for my opponent, who is retired and without a family, to obtain 10 percent of the votes in the district. This is under 100 votes. He used his personal chits in obtaining signatures on the recall petition; I was told he would come back five and six times for the signature of recalcitrants who did not agree with his position initially.

The matter was also exceedingly costly in a city that needs every dime to fight crime and other real problems. The Board of Elections maintained that the process did not cost more than $2,000, but I am told that several people worked virtually full-time on this recall for several months. One man’s whim should not allow money to be wasted for a recall that is going nowhere.