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I WAS APPALLED TO FIND a cartoon depicting Jesus of Nazareth in a humiliating caricature (Cultural Jetlag, 12/3). It seems as if Jim Siergey and Tom Roberts have certainly turned their backs on their Christian roots.

In such an “evolutionary” newspaper as you would claim to be, it seems ironic that you would risk printing an article like this for fear of being labeled liberally biased, not to mention bigoted. Surely your main goal of being an up-to-date newspaper for educated adults would be to de-emphasize the hatred between ethnicity and religion that has severed the human fabric of America.

I think you owe many of your readers a written apology. Although many of your subscribers may agree with your point of view, there are many others who do not. The graphic presentation of Jesus is personally offensive and clearly a mockery of the deepest Christian beliefs.

If in the future you wish to rouse your readers’ consciences, you would do yourself a great deal better by inquiring in a column of logical questions where one’s beliefs are represented just as you wish yours to be.

Washington, D.C.