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The Family Research Council (FRC) is asking Gen Xers to stop having meaningless sex and wait for marriage to do it again. (As if!) The D.C.-based lobbying group recently launched their “Save Sex” campaign with advertisements in Rolling Stone and elsewhere that depict beautiful twentysomethings who believe “that sex without a lifelong commitment is empty. We know. We’ve been there. Done that. And we don’t plan to make that mistake again.” Another ad, titled “Virtuous Reality,” is a collage of models, Ivy Leaguers, and surfers against a Pucci background; the copy brags, “Everyone featured here is a virgin.” To pad their press kit, FRC has culled studies and polls showing that monogamous married couples are happier than singles, that saving sex for marriage reduces the risk of divorce, and that religious women are “more responsive” than their fallen counterparts. According to a cited Emory University study, 62 percent of all sexually experienced teen-age girls say “they should have waited” (for what, exactly, is not indicated). FRC insists its abstinence campaign is working, since the Emory study also indicates that only 36 percent of high-schoolers have had intercourse, down from 43 percent in 1992. Now, if we could just persuade these crazy kids to get married….