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By plugging a dentless, maroon street-box with 50 cents, Washingtonians can purchase the city’s newest rag, MadCap. Comprised entirely of cartoons drawn in a style somewhere between National Lampoon and Mad Magazine, MadCap‘s 16-page second issue takes on “Ol’ Yellowskin” (Jack Kent Cooke), and admits pleasure in the primary victory of Marion Barry, who has “a proven track record for providing reams of comic material…Go Ollie!” National politicos aren’t spared either. MadCap features a cutout “Gridlock Commemorative Chess Set: every game a guaranteed stalemate.” (Lumped in with Fred Grandy and Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich is seriously miscast as a Republican pawn.) Fledgling satirists take note: MadCap is looking for cartoonists. The weekly is no equal opportunity employer, though. It specifically bans “dorks.” To submit illustrations or to order a subscription ($25 for 50 issues, $40 if you live outside the District), contact MadCap at P.O. Box 34437, Washington, DC 20043-4437.