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If such gut courses as “Soap Opera Studies 101” or “The Lyrics of Paul Simon” seem too easy or relevant, then by all means get thee to Cavalier’s College. In fun, cheap classes designed for history buffs, CavCol cultivates the nearly lost arts of bygone days, with particular emphasis on the kinds of derring-do you see in swashbuckling movies. Students may brush up on their rapier and dagger fencing (always handy), learn to become a fifth musketeer (military and civilian), or join the Junior Varsity Trained Pike Block. For the more genteel, there are courses in renaissance dance (free), 17th-century costume, and 16th- and 17th-century kitchen techniques (yum). Unlike many a modern diploma, a CC degree should practically guarantee one a job—if slogging through the mud at next year’s Renaissance Fair is your idea of a career choice. For more information, call (703) 841-5135.