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YOUR “LOOSE LIPS” ARticle of Oct. 7 contained an unusually high amount of outrageous and inaccurate statements. I am most angered by the portrayals made of John Capozzi’s campaign for U.S. (shadow) representative.

Capozzi has been involved in community service in D.C. for well over a decade. He has fought crime in our streets by co-founding the Barney Circle Orange Hat Patrol. He has educated our young people as a mentor for teen-agers at the Potomac Gardens Housing Complex. He has fought for the environment by leading the opposition against the Barney Circle Freeway. His basis for a run at public service is based in the enhancement of our communities as a civic activist, not in self-serving propagation, as you imply.

In addition, it infuriates me that the only ink LL will extend to Capozzi, or any other nonmayoral candidate for that matter, comes in October of the campaign. Capozzi has been tirelessly campaigningcitywide for several months at block parties, ANC meetings…you name it. Ask any of the ward or at-large candidates. He is everywhere.

Why not cover the accomplishments of a candidate like Capozzi instead of trying to associate him with the candidacy of another Democrat that already dominates nearly every sentence of almost everybody’s columns?

Vicky Cox, Dupont Circle