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“We’re done, thanks,” explains a note hidden in the folds of the packaging of Severin’s recent two-single, four-song release, but the band doesn’t sound defeated—not even on “Upside Down,” which includes the warning that “there’s never been a dime in rock and roll.” The schema is typical of recent Dischord (and post-Dischord) bands: surging vocals, heroic tempo shifts, andspiky but melodic guitar riffs. Though vigorous, this is a long way from the simple adrenalin spillover of early harDCore or even the singalong pop-punk of current chartbusters, as is demonstrated by the elaborate prelude to the mostly instrumental “Witness.” There are even classic-rock moments, like the vaguely “Paint It Black” riff that opens the subsequently thudding “Empty” (or “Empty Clip,” as the lyric sheet calls it). The record’s a split release between Dischord and Super Bad, and the latter’s address is P.O. Box 53321, Washington, DC 20009.