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DAVID PLOTZ’S “THE VEGetable Conspiracy” (10/7) was informative and well written. It’s encouraging to see new markets pushing the supply of fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables while supporting our local farmers. I think anyone would pay 1 to 6 percent more for an organic tomato as opposed to an industrial one.

At the end of his article, however, Plotz seemed to point the finger at larger markets for their inability to offer inner-city grocers better produce. After citing such dilemmas as supply and demand and higher prices, I think a couple of more reasons should be mentioned. High crime, low parking, shorter store hours, longer customer lines, urban depression (transit time, potholes, parking tickets), the homeless, winos, perverts, Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry, and home rule. It’s all enough to make you sick. If you do visit a store on Georgia Avenue, it makes you just want to pluck the bananas and say, “In your face.” Simply put, “get over it.”

Arlington, Va.