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JOSÉ PADUA TELLS MUCH about himself, little about the race for mayor (“The Mayor’s Race,” 10/28). He presumes that the people of Ward 3 are the only ones who find the prospect of a return to Barryland truly appalling. He could not be more wrong.

For Padua’s information, some of us were born here. We have worked to stay here, to develop relationships with our neighbors as the city changed, have worked for and voted for a variety of African-American candidates, including Marion Barry. And, not seldom, with enthusiasm. We resent the dismissive attitudes of those who divide in order to conquer.

Padua is wrong. Many people in this city have studied the record of Barry as mayor. We have looked at our tax forms, our crime statistics, the intrusion of judicial bodies into city life, further diminishing our self-rule. Barry can ignore his personal and political failures, painting those who disagree as racists, but white and African-American voters in this city will have the final words: For Sale.

Stanton Park