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I READ WITH WHAT I would not describe as pleasure José Padua’s racist and childish diatribe (“The Mayor’s Race,” 10/28). Perhaps Padua has some intelligent thoughts about race relations in Washington, but he unfortunately forgot to include them in his so-called article.

Is Padua on Marion Barry’s payroll? His point seems to be that anyone who stands against Barry’s candidacy must be a racist, and only dislikes him because he is black. If I used the same logic, I might begin to think that the only reason Padua dislikes the Schwartz campaign is that she is Jewish and/or white, or as he says, “very white.” His calling Ward 3 “Carolland” and “fake,” and thinly veiling his racism when he describes the area as having “an unbearable lightness of being” makes me wonder just what he wants Ward 3 to be. If he believes that any area in a city that is not filthy, crime-ridden, or devoid of green is fake, then he can have the “real” city to himself.

His assumption that “whites” in D.C. would feel, under Barry as mayor, like the “slaves are taking over [the] plantation,” could perhaps be corrected by saying that anybody with a mind would feel like incompetents and criminals are taking over the “plantation.” Padua seems to forget that the crux of Barry’s campaign message is that the “racists” who oppose him just have to take his word for it that he no longer uses crack, and we’ll just have to get over a 12-year record of mismanagement and corruption. Barry, aside from his tremendous budgetary mismanagement skills, left us with a police department that has had one in 14 officers hired under Barry arrested. That still leaves the majority of Barry-era cops as law-abiding, but this makes me feel less safe when I see a cop than when there are none to be found, and leaves me looking for an apartment in Virginia or Maryland.

Padua should understand that a crook and an incompetent, no matter what color, is still an incompetent crook; and a moron (that’s you, Mr. Padua) no matter what race, is still a moron.