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IN HIS SOCIAL CRITIQUE of the city (“The Mayor’s Race,” 10/28), José Padua uses lots of vitriol against white people living in castles (or “theme parks”), but he interestingly concludes that everyone, regardless of race, has racist tendencies and is thus “the enemy.”

Has he ever been to a zoo, and are zoos in fact illustrations of white racism in Washington?

Does he like clean, safe neighborhoods, or would they ruin children’s prospects of having to get into fights with other kids (and perhaps young adults using guns) to “gain respect”?

Does he secretly enjoy “pretend[ing] to be the thug” to young women walking home alone at night?

Would a theme-park shooting gallery make him feel more at home by not reminding him of boring, banal, safe neighborhoods?

Would a shooting gallery make him feel more at home by reminding him of the exhilarating rise in shooting deaths in D.C. during Barry’s first-rate leadership?

Does he think that because other politicians have had run-ins with the law, Barry should also “survive”?

If so, should Barry be re-elected on account of his illustrious record, of which most (usually white) people have only “vague” notions?

How would he explain an eroding tax base in the city illustrated by the flight of many black middle-class people who left the city during Barry’s great years as mayor?

P.S. Hardly a well-heeled diplomat, I’ll soon be moving into“Carolland” to make it more convenient for my commute to American University.

Arlington, Va.