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KEEP YOUR FIFTH-COLUMN bile off my grandmother. I appreciate the alternative style of Washington City Paper and have come to depend on columns like “Loose Lips” and “City Desk.” But I am getting tired of the anti-democratic bias and fifth-column carping about my rights as a citizen.

A recent example is LL (Loose Lobes) favoring those who skirt the law. The charter of this city intends that all the D.C. Council seats not be held by one party. A Democrat who changes his party simply to get elected and remains ideologically and financially a Democrat violates the letter and the spirit of the law upon taking office. Take Bill Lightfoot, who LL supported in his last election. He characterized himself as “the Democratic independent” and hasn’t changed anything except his registration. Since the Democratic Party controls so much, his criminality (or innocence) remains technical.

Loose Lobes pretends not to like criminals, but coddles the four candidates who quit the Democratic party to run against Hilda Mason (10/28). How can LL miss these and then hassle Marion Barry? After all, Barry is not even a criminal, as he was guilty of a misdemeanor.

Why support fabricators, the Oliver Norths of D.C.? LL favors three out of four would-be criminals over a dedicated and—by LL’s own admission last week—cognizant Mason. Being grandmother to the world doesn’t disqualify her for anything, and if you, Jack Shafer, don’t know what that means, then you should quit and study the life of the Masons, which has always included getting the proper care of every needy child they have encountered. Mason’s clear-thinking, principled politics based on human empowerment and a socialist perspective, and solid grounding in the community qualify her, yea, overqualify her, in relation to the prospective criminals LL put forward.

It is all too clear that LL does not like the D.C. School of Law Mason has championed because the paper caters to the jittery “downtown $250-plus-per-hour crowd.” Hats off to Jim McGrath (The Mail,10/21) for telling of the profit to this crowd, immense cost to this city, and suffering to less-well-off residents that would result from the closing of D.C. Law. Why not just admit a difference with the candidate, rather than intimations that she is too old? Whoever is in charge at City Paper seems not old enough to be in the ballgame. Of course, there is something more important than reason: I know the intentions of those false independents are self-serving, and sometimes I am almost certain that City Paper‘s are too.

And to a misplaced load of bile: “City Desk” (10/28) asks “does the D.C. government really deserve to govern itself?” Did the colonies deserve statehood? The only way to tell was for them to arm themselves, deal with the royalists (like you) in their own ranks, and shoot it out. Apparently the only way we will ever get statehood is by taking it and making it a matter of fact.

Nobody is going to shoot anybody, but you could strive to keep the bilious garbage and anti-democratic statements about us, your readers—good, principled candidates like Hilda or Marion, my fellow citizens, and this city, out of your pages. You always point the finger at someone loafing on the job, but improvement begins at home; get off your backside and do your job, Jack Shafer, we are all tired of this garbage.

Mount Pleasant