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Since it plays a lot of fraternity and private-party gigs, Blue Miracle is not so well known as a band that’s been touring regularly in the mid-Atlantic for five years might be expected to be. It was on that circuit, however, that the D.C. jazz-funk-rock septet met Jupiter Coyote, a band that set up its own Atlanta-based label, Autonomous. Now the Miracle workers have an Autonomous album, produced by Allman Brothers veteran Johnny Sandlin, which the band will announce with a record-release party Friday at the Bayou. The album has a smooth mid-’70s sound that recalls Steely Dan (or, yes, later Doobie Brothers) more than the Allmans—the piano takes more solos than the guitars—though it gets agreeably funkier when the part-time horn players or even-more-part-time female backup singers check in.