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Do you suffer from the same syndrome that afflicted ’70s pop icon Arthur Fonzarelli? No, not the unswerving instinct to wear the same outfit day after day; we can’t help you with that. However, a new service can assist people who, like the Fonz, are unable to mouth the words: “I’m sorry.” That’s right. If you’re so egocentric that you can’t admit you’re wrong, or if you fear the repercussions of being there in person when regrets are offered, then the Apology Line (AL) is for you. All you have to do is call (202) 332-5803 and tell AL President Willette Coleman and her staff who you want to apologize to. You don’t even have to tell them why. “Some people don’t know what to say. We coax them along, but we don’t put words in their mouths,” says Coleman. The Apology Line then delivers your apology—in the form of a call or a card—for $10; more elaborate attempts to gain forgiveness cost extra.