AFTER READING YOUR Nov. 4 issue this morning on the train, I was outraged at the amount of space you devoted to the “anti-Democrat campaign.” Carol Schwartz would not get air in a jar if my vote was the deciding factor. Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly ran on that same platform and confused the citizens into voting for four years of confusion.

The Kelly administration has soured D.C. residents on any candidate who has little or no experience. The sneak-and-destroy tactic worked for Kelly, but Schwartz: Give it up. Your campaign should tell people about your accomplishments.

I am sympathetic to the redemption of individuals, but Marion Barry does have other marketable skills. I believe he should not have sought public office as quickly, but as they say, seize the day.

I make it a point to encourage my friends to exercise their votes and vote their conscience, but in turn give them vital statistics of all candidates. I hope we all vote responsibly and get on with the business of putting this city together—mind you, I did not say back together.

Capitol Hill