THANKS FOR PRINTING MY letter about Vanessa Del Rio a few weeks back (The Mail, 9/30). She is a national treasure and, in the words of Leg Show editor Dian Hanson, “her legend cuts across all racial lines, and her worshippers are from every class and come in every color.” If only our pundits and politicians could muster that kind of sentiment more often, we might not be in such a mess.

Also, I live in Palisades, not Georgetown, which leads to my second point. I’ve noted errors in local geography regularly in Washington City Paper over the years. The most recent appears in “The Dead (And Decaying) Letter Office” (10/28), in which the address of the Naval Observatory is given as “Mass & Reno NW.” The address is actually Massachusetts Ave. and 34th Street NW. Reno Road’s southern terminus is about two miles north of the observatory. I’ve read references to Martin Luther King Jr. “Boulevard” SE (it’s an “Avenue”), to “Chain Bridge Road” as existing only in Virginia (there’s a venerable Chain Bridge Road NW in the District), to Bolling Air Force Base as being located “miles outside” of the District (it’s in the District), and so on. The mythical “1 Judiciary Square NW” seems a minor misnomer in the face of some of these errors. I’m not really obsessed, you understand, just concerned about your credibility.

Pornographic and geographic errors aside, however, I’d like to thank and commend City Paper for its increased attention to books and book reviews. It’s high time Washington had more than one local venue for discussion of books and publishing. I hope you continue these welcome additions to your features.

(And if you’d ever like someone to review X-rated tapes of any kind, give me a call.)