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I WAS PLEASED TO READ José Padua’s “The Mayor’s Race” (10/28). The Mail caught my attention first among your potpourri of information in the Nov. 4 issue. I was not surprised at the response I read on that article.

Padua reflects the views of the majority of D.C. residents (categorized nationally as minorities), and it is interesting to know that the experiences of these “minorities,” either as children or as adults, might be similar, and generally unfavorable to their existence.

One of the respondents, Marco J. Randazza of Georgetown, concluded that Padua was a moron because of his views. That I consider an insult to the rest of the community who voted Barry to victory in the primaries. Randazza’s assertion is exemplary of the average white male’s insensitivity to the grievances of other ethnic groups in this society.

I am writing before the Nov. 8 elections. I feel that Barry will win. Randazza might as well be packing his bags (as he stated). I would appreciate less of his likes in D.C. José, more people are looking up to you than you know. Keep up the good work.

Adams Morgan