There’s nothing especially original about Robert Mugge’s directing style, but that doesn’t prevent Kingdom of Zydeco from being another captivating entry in his music documentary canon. In Kingdom, the 44-year-old director, who has created cinematic tributes to bluegrass, blues, reggae, and individual artists like Al Green and Sun Ra, turns his attention to the controversial battle of succession for the title of “King of Zydeco.” Focusing on a “battle of the bands” between the two main rivals for the crown, 63-year-old zydeco pioneer Boozoo Chavis and 39-year-old upstart Beau Jocque (pictured), Kingdom mixes extensive live footage of the performers, requisite shots of the dancing crowd, and interviews with local eccentrics. In addition to the contenders, interview subjects include a representative from the Louisiana Hall of Fame, bayou club owners, and musicians Nathan Williams and John Delafose. While Mugge’s concert camerawork fails to fully capture the atmosphere of a Southwestern dance hall, his interviews capture the spirit of competition and reveal the splendor of this unique regional culture, as well as Chavis’ and Jocque’s idiosyncratic contributions to it. At the Biograph Theater, 2819 M St. NW. (202) 333-2696. (Steve Kiviat)