Big Black Nun isn’t GWAR, but it clearly intends to summon the occasional gasp from the fainthearted. Thus the D.C. quartet titles its new four-song disc I Love My Cousin More Than You Do, after the ode to gene-pool wading that opens it. (“I got her pregnant on a bus when we was 12 years old,” begins this trailer-park Gothic tale.) But the sexual content (another song is called “Horemoan”) is less interesting than the band’s canny synthesis of new wave, heavy metal, and good old pop-rock; any band that can write a song as simultaneously pretty and driving as “Xylo” doesn’t have to shock to get attention. All four of these tracks are shapely and direct, yet “Cousin” takes a chunk of its melody from the Cure and “Minny’s Bathroom,” the EP’s ballad, ends with an epic riff from somewhere in the general vicinity of “Kashmir.” Cousin is available from the Nun at 1419 Q St. NW, Washington, DC 20009; the band celebrates its release with a Black Cat gig on Saturday, Nov. 12.