The trio’s name might suggest a different obsession, but on “Women & Whiskey,” “Bury Me With a Bottle,” and most of the other songs on its Cold, Blue, and Hateful album, Blue Balls Deluxe sing about drinking, going to hell, and drinking some more. (The only nonalcoholic beverage on the menu would seem to be “Buckets of Blood.”) Singer/guitarist Gene Lee, a Vile Geezers veteran, even promises to come back and strangle any pal who purloins the whiskey from his casket. For all that, though, the Balls are not sloppy drunks; these 10 songs are crisp pub-rockers, combining blues, rock, and country with an authority that should definitely grab the attention of Ducks Deluxe fans. Hateful‘s coming-out party is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 11, at Asylum in Exile.