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The ska miniboom hasn’t reached the point where evMixed Nuts definitely errs on the nutty side. Most of the selections on this 14-track album are originals, but the two covers give some indication of the 10-man ensemble’s sensibility; rather than “Free Nelson Mandela,” the Skunks offer the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” and the theme to The Odd Couple. (Another aspect of the group’s code, the male chauvinism of “Girl Like That” and “Didn’t Know,” seems to be its own.) Since the five-man wind section drives this band to an even greater extent than the horns do most ska-revival bands, the beat can get lost and the band can wander toward the cocktail lounge or even the polka hall. Experiments with assimilating Mexican (“Piñata”) and Teutonic (“Discökätt”) styles also dilute the authentic lope, but eclecticism serves the Skunks well enough on songs like “Glass Pants,” “Got 2 B,” and “Big Hair Girl.” The album’s on Moon Records, P.O. Box 1412, New York, NY 10276.