Now that the number of tribute albums in circulation is approximately equal to Earth’s population, California’s Backyard Records has released You Got Lucky, a collection of Tom Petty covers by 12—mostly indie—acts including D.C. art-punk quartet Edsel. The band contributes the disc’s title track, reworking Petty’s whiny late-period kiss-off tune as a somnambulistic dirge. The song was produced by recording engineer—and former Edsel guitarist—Eli Janney, now a member of the once- D.C.-based Girls Against Boys. Unlike many tribute collections, You Got Lucky does more than elicit yearning for the original artist. The disc’s standouts—Everclear’s “American Girl,” Throneberry’s “Here Comes My Girl,” and Loud Lucy’s “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” (on which Louise Post stands in for Ste