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Ann Hairston, drummer/composer for Annex, admits that she’s easily influenced. “I’ve listened to all types of music,” she says. “I’ve played in all types of bands. I’ve studied all types of music. So it makes sense that I would incorporate blues and hardcore and Fela and punk—just throw it all together.” Annex’s diverse musical tastes are apparent on a just-released two-song 7-inch: The band throws out the thrash on “Cleansing,” and dabbles in worldbeat on “Prayer.” Hairston’s drumming carries both cuts: She doesn’t deny calling all the shots for Annex, though she wants it known that she didn’t pull a Prince- ess for the new recordings. “I can do that type of thing, play all the instruments, and I’ve done that before,” she says. “But I didn’t want to do that here. I wanted room to breathe.” Annex’s live lineup includes Warren Boes on guitar, Jack Denning on bass, and Felecia Shakman on vocals. The single is available for $4, including postage, from P.O. Box 73282, Washington, DC 20056.