Accustomed to their city ranking dead last in every measure of social well-being, gloomy District residents should take heart from a new study by the Washington Area Housing Partnership (WAHP) on rental housing in the D.C. area. Not surprisingly, WAHP found that the District is home to an inordinate share of the region’s low-income renters (45 percent), but the group also made the unexpected discovery that the neediest of these needy renters are not concentrated in D.C. Of the city’s low-income renters, only 35 percent endure “worst-case” housing circumstances. These “worst-case” tenants spend more than half their income on rent and/or live in inadequate or seriously overcrowded units. By contrast, 52 percent of Prince George’s County’s low-income renters and 61 percent of Fairfax County’s low-income renters are “worst-case” tenants.