Are you dying to wear fur now that the weather is turning chilly, but afraid of being accosted by radical, Bambi-lovin’, animal activists? Don’t worry. Inflicting pain is no longer a prerequisite to being beautiful. Tower Records is selling designer Todd Oldham’s fake-fur hats. Made from recycled plastic and glass, the warm and eco-friendly chapeaux come in three designs: a beret, an “anti-hunting cap” with earflaps (thankfully in a tasteful black and gray combination and not in Day-Glo orange), and a “jiffy-pop” Rasta hat. Produced by Hat Attack and selling for $25 each, the hats’ sales benefit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA); models Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks (who have never, ever posed in fur or leather) are volunteering their pretty mugs to promote the headwear.

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