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The Cramps

Medicine/Warner Bros.

Though the Cramps have long since traded in their Tales From the Crypt gimmick, not everything has changed: Singer Lux Interior and guitarist Poison Ivy are still dedicated propagators of psychobilly. The band’s latest, Flamejob, is a regular orgy of innuendo, sex, and lust. Despite their raunchy lyrics and determined atonality, Lux and Ivy’s garage stomps have a certain no-frills savoir faire. The band aims for the lowest common denominator on “Let’s Get Fucked Up,” and it’s probably no coincidence that the disc’s title sounds like a particularly painful sex act. Yet Ivy’s austere guitar on “Sado County Auto Show” and “Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs,” and the band’s minimalistic but edgy cover of “Route 66,” make this disc worth a listen. Flamejob can’t be called a must-have, but it should satisfy devotees of the band’s feral sound.