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TONIGHT (NOV. 17) ON BBC television, an Arabic-language program called min Washington (“From Washington”) will feature a four-minute segment on Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mystical poetry—all because of you!

The min Washington people saw the listing for our program “Poetry of the Beloved: The Mystical Tradition of the Children of Abraham” (held Nov. 10 at Gaston Hall, Georgetown University) in your calendar section—and, with no advance calls from anybody, showed up, camera in hand.

The four-minute segment will be seen by millions of prime-time viewers in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, and Jordan.

While Judaism, Christianity, and Islam differ, we all worship the same God, and it is in the mystical experience that the differences between the religions dim in light of their profound similarities. Thank you for the role you played in bringing that message to millions of people throughout the Gulf area.