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Casino gambling in the District is inexorably tied to casino gambling in Virginia and Maryland. Historically, when one jurisdiction builds gaming halls—floating or landlocked—gambling initiatives are embraced by neighboring citizens and governments who want similar sources of revenue and jobs. So the architects of D.C.’s Riverboat Gambling Initiative must have been relieved when a group of gambling executives formed the Virginia Riverboat Council (VRC). In a slick press packet, VRC claims that riverboat gambling would create twice as many (24,000) jobs as the aborted Disney theme park promised, give a $100-million boost to the commonwealth’s marine industry, and provide $123 million in tax revenues to the state. Quoting state Del. Jerrauld C. Jones, VRC claims that riverboat gambling is “a rising tide that lifts all boats,” and that Virginia could be the first East Coast state to legalize riverboat casinos. Legislation is also pending in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.