THE ARTICLE ON SKIP James’ life and hard times was fascinating (“Skip James’ Hard Time Killing Floor Blues,” 11/25). Readers would do well to obtain and listen to both the early and post-rediscovery music of Skip James and John Hurt, much of it still in print. Mentioned in passing in the article was John Fahey, who used to gig at the Cellar Door, and later at the Birchmere. His recordings are also worth a listen; it is still possible to obtain some of his stuff from the ’70s and ’80s, but sad to say most of the early records on Takoma are out of print. There is some beautiful music there. (I haven’t checked out what’s been included on the Rhino compilation yet.) Maybe it’s time some earnest college kids went out to Oregon and returned to Washington with Fahey in tow.

Vienna, Va.