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AS A RESIDENT OF THE Van Ness East Condominium, I would like to respond to the letter sent by Susan Wiener, president of the Van Ness East Condominium Association, and Karen Perry, president of the Van Ness South Tenants Association (The Mail,11/11), which opposed the Levine School of Music’s move to the Carnegie Institute site in our neighborhood.

The opinions expressed by Wiener and Perry do not represent, as they suggest, the majority of the residents of the condominium. Many residents are delighted at the prospect of having the opportunity to study and hear music from professionals within walking distance of our homes.

Ours is not the quiet, suburban neighborhood implied by the Wiener/Perry letter. Our neighborhood, centered around the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Street NW, is bustling with all the attendant opportunities and problems of the city. In such an urban context, and given the close proximity to Metro and the Levine School’s proposed site (two blocks away!), I doubt very much that automobile traffic would increase substantially in the neighborhood were the Levine School to move in. Could the school be expected to generate more vehicular traffic than INTELSAT, GHA, Giant Food, Safeway, Kitchen Bazaar, and a dozen embassies, which are already long-ensconced in our neighborhood?

The vicious, ragtag campaign to keep the Levine School out of our neighborhood has baffled and outraged me. The Levine School of Music represents the essence of the amenities of city life.

Van Ness