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REGARDING ROBERT STOEsen’s latest letter (The Mail, 11/25) and his inability to find back issues of Washington City Paper: Fear not! We have not gotten rid of them.

Recently we relocated all back issues of periodicals kept in the Washingtoniana Division. They are now kept in file cabinets next to our office. They can be requested at the reference desk. We had seen that leaving them out in the open resulted in them being in a constant jumble. The single most recent issue is still on open shelves, as is the practice in the rest of the library.

We try hard to make the division easy to use, but sometimes you do have to ask the librarian. When in doubt, ask.

P.S. We’re enjoying “Washington’s Mundane Mysteries,” although the seal (9/2) was dead easy.

D.C. Public Library, Washingtoniana Division, Downtown, via the Internet