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I AM AN AVID MOUNTAIN cyclist and hiker, but I am a hiker first. John Briley’s comments about mountain biking in Rock Creek Park (“Outlaw Bikers,” The District Line, 12/2) are outlandish and offensive. Bicycle tracks do serious damage to hiking trails. As a volunteer trail overseer in Shenandoah National Park, I have firsthand knowledge of this abuse, and I’ve spent much time re-establishing trail damaged by the mountain bike. When I mountain bike, I respect the land by biking only on fire trails or where I’m specifically allowed.

I have, on occasion, come across some “outlaw” mountain bikers on trails, and I do not let them pass me. Sure, they can outpace me, but they have to go around me first. I urge all hikers to take similar action. Let’s police the trails ourselves if the police won’t! Sing out loud, brethren hikers: We shall overcome!

Arlington, Va.