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JAMES TRUMAN’S LETTER (The Mail, 12/9) describes Metro trains as being slow, noisy, andovercrowded. I have ridden on New York’s subway for years and can say that D.C.-area residents should be thankful for what they have.

Truman has obviously never had the New York subway experience, with its clackety tin cars, frequent stops between stations, preaching vagrants, and filth in general.Overcrowded? New York’s trains are often more crowded during off-peak times than the Metro is during rush hour.

Truman also says the fares “aren’t cheap.” D.C.’s graduated fare system is far better than New York’s where it costs $1.25 to go eight blocks, while others can pay the same amount to go from Manhattan to Queens! Of course I have often found the Metro’s lack of 24-hour service to be a great inconvenience, but given the choice between the constant disgust and fear that N.Y.’s subway instills and the relative safety and cleanliness of the Metro, D.C. wins hands down. Until you see what other cities are like, stop whining about a good thing, D.C.!

American University Park