There are only nine more shooting—er, shopping—days remaining ’til Christmas, so order your National Rifle Association (NRA) Christmas cards now! “This is the best and most unique line of greeting cards you have ever seen,” writes Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre in a cover letter to NRA members. “They were specifically designed and made for you.”

A few of the organizations’ boxed sets wax nostalgic for guns’ glory days, depicting the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War or cowboys from the old West. But the balance of the cards for sale feature a holiday assortment of prominent NRA targets. No, not Bill Clinton and Sarah Brady, but deer, squirrels, rabbits, and an abundance of waterfowl. One card titled “Holiday Treat” shows a mischievous tyke luring woodland beasts with a basket of food. Is he sharing the Christmas cornucopia with his fauna friends, or waiting to bag some critters with a couple of quick blasts from his Daisy Red Ryder? For “Magic Moment,” artist Marv Espe has painted a pair of deer in a clearing. The buck and doe’s eyes face forward, alerted, perhaps, by the sound of a cocking rifle. The inside verse reads: “May the Peace and Tranquility of the Season Remain with You Throughout the New Year.” Such peace and tranquility can be yours for $14-$25 per set of 25 cards and envelopes (tax, shipping and handling, and NRA membership additional).