On its five-song Six Bucks EP, Sorry About Your Daughter doesn’t sound very sorry. After using the disc’s title to specify the maximum amount you should pay for it, the College Park quartet waxes defiant in songs like “Doesn’t Everyone Need an Angel?” and “Simple Innocent Evil.” Demonstrating little interest in traditional pop-song themes, singer/lyricist Glenn Hall addresses random violence and other 20th-century scourges, while guitarist Jeff Aug covers the singer’s declarations with guitar fire that ranges from metal (“Angel?”) to pomp-rock (“Something About ’94”). If Bucks’ insistence that, for example, “I don’t fuckin’ need this,” sometimes seems overwrought, at least the sound and vision are well-balanced: Hall’s messianic musings are so suited to the band’s magisterial hard rock that it almost makes sense when “Something About ’94,” the album’s closer and its catchiest song, ends with the band interpolating the theme from Strauss’ grandiose Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The disc is available (for six bucks, presumably) from Diesel Boy Records, P.O. Box 1081, North College Park, MD 20741-1081.—