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Now that there’s been a modern-rock implosion of overhyped one-hit wonders (read: Veruca Salt), too many bands end with a whimper instead of a bang. The final record from Sunny Day Real Estate, though, should be filed under “left them wanting more.” This self-titled end to an unfortunately short career is an effort of great musicianship from a band that just couldn’t play together anymore. It’s now old news that Nate Mendel (bass) and William Goldsmith (drums) have been drafted by Dave Grohl into his post-Nirvana, and that singer Jeremy Enigk has found light in Jesus Christ (a recent web posting on the Sub Pop page has him ranting about his new devotion). The record, produced by Liz Phair defectee Brad Wood, contains just enough music (nine songs) to be considered a long-player. Much more brooding than 1994’s Diary, SDRE features Dan Hoerner’s resonant guitar on “Junh” and “8” (the follow-up to which was featured on the Batman’s Got Nipples soundtrack) and is almost entirely harmony-free. Enigk, whose vocals have improved with practice, whips himself into an undecipherable wail; it’s only the last words of the last song (“Rodeo Jone”) that, ironically, stand out: “misery, wait for me.”