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Lorelei’s just-released debut album, Everyone Must Touch the Stove (playfully titled after a terse bit of wisdom from child addict, er, actor Drew Barrymore), doesn’t sound like it was recorded nearly two years ago. While washed-out atmospherics and guitarist/singer Matt Dingee’s tendency to affect a British accent would seem to place the band among 1990’s shoegazer crowd, there are also dub rhythms, lyrical cut-ups, and alternately blissful and abrasive noise, which align the group with 1995’s burgeoning post-rock scene. Dingee says the delay was caused by “artwork mess-ups and miscommunications—lack of funds, mostly—just stupid stuff like that.” Worth the wait, Stove is leaps better than Lorelei’s first single and the Asleep EP. Bassist Stephen Gardner plays with a melodic fluidity usually lacking in stone-handed indie players, freeing Dingee to employ a slashing guitar style to delirious effect. Drummer Davis White recorded basic tracks in his basement as well as with Geoff Turner at WGNS, and the trio mixed at larger studios, occasionally using a computer to segue disparate pieces. Lorelei is in limbo at the moment, as Gardner went away to school for two years and White decided to reduce his commitment to the band. But Dingee says he and Gardner will work together in some capacity, though it remains to be seen under what name. “We do want to use the computer [to make more records]….However, personality conflicts are still there. There are still the doom-and-gloom feelings that hang over any project that we take together,” Dingee laughs, explaining “that it’s going to take forever to come out with lots of arguments about everything!” The CD and LP are available at Vinyl Ink or Go! or from Slumberland Records, P.O. Box 14731, Berkeley, CA 94712.—Christopher Porter