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POPsmear is a bi-city, quarterly fanzine published by Petey More (D.C.—he too works at CP) and his brother James (N.Y.C.). In issue No. 6, filed between pranks, scams, and celebrity phone numbers, is some rather caustic comedy. From the anti-music-industry rant of “Cheesebags of the World Unite” to a bill supporting statutory rape proposed by Congressman Leaf Garret (Ind-N.Y.), POPsmear is unrelenting. But the best bit is “100 Ways to be a Man”: “#4—Name your penis. Be sure it is something narcissistic and unoriginal, such as ‘Spike.’ “

Originally geared toward music fans, POPsmear has moved away from the scene. “When we first started, we knew that a lot of readership would be garnered through distributing it at record stores and clubs—places related to the music industry,” explains Pete. “But we realized how lame most of the people who worked in it were.” James now characterizes POPsmear as a “culture—or anti-culture—magazine,” and is responsible for the ‘zine’s increasing electronic-culture slant. “The digital medium has so much to offer,” he says, “but it’s so dorky.” James’ desire to counter the trend led him and a partner to form 4More, a design and multimedia business that just released a CD-ROM of clip art photographs, NYC: In Your Face. Done out of necessity, because James “realized all the stock photos out there suck,” the shots on In Your Face are far from mundane. Featured are 100 colorful pictures of freaks who prowl the Apple. Macintosh-format CD-ROM is available for $150. Call

1-800-675-5372. Four-issue subscription available for $8. POPsmear, 648 Broadway #909, New York, NY 10012.