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I enjoyed Eric Korpon’s recent letter regarding Washington City Paper’s report on his group’s anti-prostitution turn-restriction proposal (The Mail, 12/22/95). Eric works hard to improve his turf, and he’s a great guy.

From my own investigations on the reaction to the proposal, most constituents seem to be so desperate for some relief, they’re willing to try anything. But there are a few points I’d like to add, for the record, on this issue.

First, Darryl Moment’s “objections…based on his perception that this proposal…will push our problems” into his neighborhood are based not merely in projection, but on precedent. This past spring, 3rd District police blocked off 12th Street at night, at the behest of Eric’s group, between Massachusetts Avenue and P Street. But what was good for 12th was terrible for 11th and 10th Street residents: Our front sidewalks became “the strip.” The sector captain refused to alternate blocks; 10th and 11th were just not included in the enforcement plan. At the time, Eric frankly told me if the hookers were being pushed, the neighboring streets would have to organize themselves, just as his group had done (and kindly offered to share his group’s experience). There’s no question these efforts displace the problem onto other areas.

Second, the statement that the Blagden Alley Association voted to support the plan, and that therefore their commissioner should support it, is an excellent example of the way the leadership of these small homeowners’ groups—Logan Circle Community Association and Blagden Alley Association—have used and abused the role of the ANC regularly and arrogantly, insisting that their groups represent the sole voice of “the community” and the only voice to which the ANC should respond. Each ANC’s Single Member District is based on an approximate population of 2,000 persons. At that meeting of Blagden Alley, there were fewer than 10 persons present when the vote was taken. Fewer than 10: hardly a mandate from the constituency.

Commissioner, ANC 2F05

Shaw/Blagden Alley