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AS SOMEONE WHO WORKS in the D.C. Superior Court, I would like to comment on Stephanie Mencimer’s “Imperial Court” article (1/12). I am concerned with the objectivity and accuracy of Mencimer’s article. Your publication erroneously reported that there “have been no city-imposed furloughs or cuts in pay for anyone lucky enough to work at the courthouse.” A more thorough investigation would have revealed that my employer, the D.C. Pretrial Services Agency, has suffered furloughs and pay cuts.

The article never addressed the reasons for what appear to be the judges’ “perks.” For example, did it ever occur to your reporter that perhaps private elevators help protect the security of judicial employees? Or has the Washington City Paper never investigated threats against judges? The author also stated that judges “shut down for the day at 4:45.” Well, those must have been imaginary judges I’ve seen working long after 4:45 p.m.! The article was critical of the judges having a separate cafeteria. If you were a judge, would you want to sit next to someone you were going to sentence? I would hope that in the future, City Paper displays a higher standard of journalism than that of Mencimer’s article.

Pretrial Services Officer

D.C. Pretrial Services Agency